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Monthly Grants 2021

Issue Sep. 09, 2021 (frequently updated)

To help companies and self-employed businesses whose sales have decreased due to the declaration of emergency, the Japanese government will issue monthly grant from April 2021

How much can You get?

  • Corporation:200,000yen(Max)/ per month
  • Self-employed:100,000yen(Max)/ per month


The Monthly Grant for Apr-May  2021

Application period: June 16th – Aug 15th, 2021

Deadline for pre-certification: Aug 10th, 2021

The Monthly Grant for June  2021

Prior confirmation deadline: Aug. 26

Application period: July 1st – Aug 31th, 2021


The Monthly Grant for July  2021

Prior confirmation deadline: Sep. 27

Application period: Aug 1st – Sep 30th, 2021


The Monthly Grant for Aug.  2021

Prior confirmation deadline: Oct. 26

Application period: Sep 1st – Oct 31th, 2021


The Monthly Grant for Sep.  2021

Prior confirmation deadline: Nov. 25

Application period: Oct. 1st –  Nov. 30th, 2021

Application conditions:
Monthly Sales in 2021 are 50% less than the same month in 2020 or 2019

If you do not meet the above requirements, but you have the following conditions, you may also be able to apply, please contact us as soon as possible:

  1. The business started after January 2019
  2. Self-employed, use the WHITE tax return
  3. Self-employed, use the Cash basis of BLUE tax return


  • Need to apply separately for each month. 
  • Basic annual settings may be different, accounts that have previously applied for subsidies may not be available.
  • Even for B2C, it is necessary to provide “Suppliers or Clients sheet” information such as suppliers.[download id=”1759″]


If you want to entrust us to apply, please email the documents to us,  in order to ensure accuracy, we do not accept consultations by means other than e-mail:  asahi.oga@visalawyer.jp

  • Final Tax Return in 2019
  • Final Tax Return in 2020
  • Sales amount in April-Aug 2021 [download id=”1788″]
  • Suppliers or Clients sheet [download id=”1759″]

Oga Immigration Law Firm is a designated registration confirmation body of the METI.

Fees: 15% of grant (Including Tax)

Pay upfront, if unsuccessful, we will refund the full amount of the month’s fee.