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Spouse of Permanent Resident visa

is for those who are married to a holder of a Permanent Resident visa or Special Permanent Resident (hereinafter collectively referred to as “permanent resident”). This visa is also applicable to those born in Japan as the child of a permanent resident.

The “child” in “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident” refers to biological children of a permanent resident.
If either one of a married couple becomes a permanent resident, then the status Spouse of Permanent Resident will be applied to the spouse.

However, any children will receive the status “Long-Term Resident” instead.

There are no particular restrictions on the activities permitted by this visa, such as working or going to school. You can also engage in employment without restrictions; regardless of your educational background or work history, you can work full-time, manage a company, or engage in other employment. You will not be required to report changes in jobs.