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JIGYO FUKKATSU Grant(Business Revival Support)

Issue Jan 21, 2022 (frequently updated)

JIGYO FUKKATSU Grant (Business Revival Support) From METI


Grant Amount: Max 2,500,000 yen(Corporations), Max 500,000 yen (self-employed people)

Eligible Person: Corporations or self-employed people affected by the Covid-19

Qualification 1 : Must be certified by the Pre-certification Body, example: our firm

Qualification 2: Sales in any month(TARGET MONTH) from November 2021 to March 2022 were down more than 30% compared to the same month (BASE MONTH) in 2018, or2019, or 2020, or 2021.

Formula of Grant Amount:  BASE MONTHs SALES* – TARGET MONTH SALES ×5

* Nov.2018-Mar.2019,  or  Nov.2019-Mar.2020,  or Nov.2020-Mar 2021

Maximum benefit amount
Sales declined % self-employed people Corporations
Annual Revenue
100 million yen or less 100-500 million yen Over 500 million yen
50% or more 500,000yen 1,000,000yen 1,500,000yen 2,500,000yen
30%-49% 300,000yen 600,000yen 900,000yen 1,500,000yen


Scheduled application start date: January 31, 2022


Please inquire through email:  asahi.oga@visalawyer.jp

Please provide the following documents when inquiring by mail:

  1. The financial tax return of 2018, 2019, 2020 and2021
  2. Certificate of all present matters of your corporation (Issued within 3 months)
  3. Sales journal  [download id=”1820″]
  4. CEO’s ID Photo

Our fees: 15% of the grant.

Because some people didn’t pay the fees last year, so please prepayment, 100% refund if unsuccessful.